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  • Q. Where is Angola By the Bay?

A. Angola By The Bay is in Sussex County, Delaware and is located on Angola Road just south of Route 24.  Click HERE for a map.

  • Q. What is the Property Owners Association?

    A.  Angola by the Bay Property Owners Association, Inc., a Delaware corporation, is managed by a Board of Directors composed of the following elected officers: President, 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents, Recording Secretary,
          Corresponding/Corporate  Secretary, Treasurer, and four Directors. The Board of Directors meets the 2nd Thursday monthly to conduct the business of the Association. A meeting for the entire Membership is held on the 1st Saturday in
          August to elect officers, and on the 3rd Saturday in February to approve an Annual Budget. Angola by the Bay is a privately owned and operated community located on approximately 300 acres. Of the 927 Building Sites, there are approximately
          900 homes completed or under construction, with approximately 250 occupied year-round. There are 7.4 miles of hard surface road on 48 acres of right-of-way and 94 acres of Common Areas owned and maintained by ABTBPOA. The
          Common Areas include frontage along 2400' of waterfront on Burton's Prong of Herring Creek, frontage along Delaware Rt. 277 (Angola Road), the Recreational Areas, and the land between rear property lines of individual home sites.

  • Q. What is the Yearly Assessment Fee and What Does It Cover?

A.  Funds for the operation of the Community are currently derived from an annual assessment on each building site.
      The current rate is $700.00 per assessable lot per year.
      The Board of Directors sets the Operating Budget; which is brought before membership annually at the February General Meeting.

B.  The Annual Assessment pays for the maintenance and operation costs of the entrance gates, swimming pool, clubhouse, recreation courts, marina, crab docks, canoe racks, roads, maintenance garage, office, equipment and common
      grounds.  A paid staff of General Manager, Ass't GM, Bookkeeper, Two Full-time Maintenance Men, Security, and Pool Management Company keeps these facilities operating and in good order.

  • Q. How do I go About buying/selling/renting property?

A.  All property transactions are done by the property owner via Realtors, newspapers, ads, etc.  

B.  All property owners must complete a Resale Certification per Delaware Law prior to selling their property.  ABTB charges a $200.00 fee for the Resale Certification.
  • Q. What are the required procedures to build/alter a home?

    A.  All construction requires the proper Sussex County permits and approvals.
          ABTB also requires the following for all construction:

       1. All assessments must be paid in full or half 
      2. ABTB building application
      3. Drawing that shows dimensions and setbacks
      4. Copies of all permits and approvals from Sussex County
      5. ABTB Building Control and Board final approval

       New House - $2500.00 ($2400.00 refundable)
       Additions under roof to existing house and freestanding garage or carport - $425.00 ($350.00 refundable)
       Other (decks, sheds, fences, outside showers, etc.) - $100.00 ($50.00 refundable)

  • Q. Are mobile homes permitted?
A.  No. Existing mobile homes may remain. When they are removed, they may not be replaced with another mobile home. (Over 30 years ago mobile homes were no longer allowed to be placed in Angola By The Bay.)
  • Q. What are The Common Areas? 

A.  The Common Areas of Angola by the Bay are owned "in common" by all ABTB Property Owners and include recreational facilities, waterfront areas, and wooded areas throughout the community. The Common Areas are for the use and
      enjoyment of the Property Owners and their Guests. No Common Areas shall be used as a permanent driveway or parking area, and no obstruction or structure of any nature shall be placed on any Common Areas, except for
      improvements installed by The Angola by the Bay Property Owners Association for the benefit of all.

 B.  Due to the wooded nature of the common areas and their recreational nature, vehicular traffic to include ATV, dirt bikes, etc. is prohibited on them. Crabbing piers, picnic tables, BBQ grills, etc. located on common grounds are for the
      use of all Property Owners.
  • Q. Who maintains the Common Areas?
A.   All Common Areas are maintained by our Maintenance Personnel.  Maintenance does not manicure the forested common grounds (i.e. mowing grass, and picking up twigs, fallen/rotten trees, small limbs, leaves, etc.) 

B.   In the case of diseased/dying/dead tree(s) in the Common Areas, property owner must report them to the Association Office.  Once reported, a tree expert will inspect the tree(s).  If tree expert determines tree(s) need to be taken down,
       ABTB will hire a professional/licensed Tree Company to remove tree(s).  This process will be done in the order of date property owner reported to Association Office

C.   ABTB will not mow grass in the wooded common areas. Property Owner may mow grass in and maintain the common areas adjacent to their property at their expense and liability.
  • Q. May I hire Maintenance Men to fix something for me?
A.  During the times the Maintenance Men are on duty, they work for the Association and are not permitted to do work for Property Owner's individual benefit.

B.   Exceptions are made when possible in emergency situations such as plowing out cars for elderly people and jumping dead batteries.

C.  The Maintenance personnel may be willing to earn extra income doing private work during "off" hours.

  • Q. What about Security?
A.  ABTB has a 24/7 Security Entrance Gate.   ABTB will contract out Security Guard services when deemed necessary for busy times and special events.  It is the property owners responsibility to provide security measures they see fit for
      their  property and homes.  ABTB does have a strong and large property owner run Community Watch.  *Volunteers are always needed to serve on the Community Watch.  Please contact the State Police - Troop 7 at (302)644-5020 or
911 anytime a crime or major emergency is happening.  Please call the Association Office at 302-945-2700 to file a Crime Report, as well. 
  • Q. Can Property Owners without phones receive messages?
A.  Messages will be accepted by the Office in cases of EXTREME EMERGENCIES ONLY. There are many times when there is only one person in the Office and no one is available to deliver a message. The Office is not equipped to
      handle this service.
  • Q. What about Mail Delivery?
A.  Contact the Lewes Post Office for mail delivery. Your mailing address will be Your Street Address, Lewes, DE 19958.
  • Q. May I rent the Clubhouse for a private function?
A.  For a nominal fee, the Clubhouse is available to rent for private functions by Association Members in good standing. Applications are available in the Office.
  • Q. What about use of the pool?
A.  Members in good standing & their guests/renters may use the pool. Pool passes must be picked up at the Association Office by ABTB property owners.:

               1 assessable lot - 6 pool passes
               1 1/2 assessable lot - 9 pool passes
               2 assessable lots - 12 pool passes
               2 1/2 assessable lots - 15 pool passes
               3 assessable lots - 18 pool passes

         Extra season pool passes - $25.00 a piece
         Day passes - $5.00
         Replace lost pass - $10.00 apiece
  • Q. What about a slip for my boat?
           A.   ABTB Property Owners in good standing may use the Boat Ramp and the Common Marina as long as they register their boat with the Association Office each year. 
                 Slips in the Common Marina are on a first come, first served (parking lot) basis.  Common Marina Slips ARE ONLY available to Property Owners.

          B.   Guests/Renters may use the Boat Ramp only for the following fees: $10.00 per day, $50.00 per week, or $150.00 per season, if they wish to launch their boat
                 Guests/Renters must have a letter of Sponsorship from ABTB Property Owner and register their boat with Association Office prior to using Boat Ramp.

          C.   Slips can be leased in the Rental Marina for $700.00 per season.  The Rental Marina Slips are only available to ABTB Property Owners in good standing.
                 There are no rental slips available at this time. If you wish to have your name placed on the waiting list, contact the Association Office.

  • Q. What about a rack for my canoe?

    A.  ABTB Property Owners in good standing may rent a canoe rack down along the shoreline as long as they register their canoe with the Office each year. 
          Canoe Racks are rented out based on availability for a fee of $50.00/year.  You may place your name on a Waiting List should there be no availability at the time of request.
  • Q. What are the rules concerning my pets?
A.  No Bees, pigeons, poultry, hogs, cattle, horses, elephants-(just kidding of course... :), or other livestock shall be kept on any property in Angola By The Bay, with the exception of
      domestic animals, such as dogs and cats kept as pets by the Owner and occupants.

B.  Pet Owners are responsible for removing pet waste.

C.  As required by State Law, dogs and cats MUST be under control of their owners at all times and are not permitted to run loose. 

D.  Any property owner wanting amimals removed or trapped must make the arrangements on their own.  

E.  Warrants can be obtained at Justice of the Peace Court #2 (302-645-6163 ) against property owners of animals creating a nuisance. 


    Please Click Here for Animal Control Info.
  • Q. What about my trash ?
A.  Household Trash pick-up must be arranged through a local trash hauler. It is the property owner's responsibility to arrange trash removal services.

      It is not permitted to put household trash and garbage into the trash containers at the Clubhouse, Pool, Pavilion, Marina, B-ball/Tennis Courts, Office and/or any other community location.  VIOLATORS WILL BE FINED.
  • Q. Where does my household water come from ?
A.  Central Water is provided by Tidewater Utilities, Inc. (1-800-523-7224) from wells located in Angola By The Bay. When planning construction of a new home, be sure to call
      them to make application for water service before you begin construction. The water company usually has a backlog of service hook-up requests and it may take some time.
  •  Q. What about Public Sewer?

    A.  Sussex County Engineers take care of and run the Angola Public Sewer District.  You must contact them about anything related to the public sewer ( 302-855-7370 )

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Important Phone Numbers/Info



Beebe Hospital....302-645-3300

Lewes Post Office....302-645-6548

Mediacom (Cable TV).... 888-847-6222


Delaware Electric Cooperative....1-302-349-9009

Clean Delaware.... 302-684-4221

Brittingham's.... 302-684-0631

Moore's Tree Removal....302-875-2049

Official Sussex County Website - Quite good!

Sussex County Engineers (Public Sewer)....302-855-7370

Cape Henlopen School District....302-645-6686

Tidewater Utilities....1-800-523-7224

Mosquito Control.... 1-800-338-8181

ABTB Women's Group....302-945-0996

ABTB Men's Group....302- 598-2086

ABTB Boater's Group....302-745-0414


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